Kathi Peden with Ozzie
Lalita Lynn Karst with Shanti

Co-founder James A. Peden

In 1972 a friend (appropriately named Apple) and James, while living in the Trinity Mountains of Northern California, began Trinity Sun Bars. Sun Bars were 100% raw vegan fruit and nut bars with a hidden message of inspiration inside each bar. There were hundreds of messages on the millions of Sun Bars produced.

Here was a typical quote (in this example from Rukmini Devi Arundale):

“The demand for vegetarian food will increase our production of the right kind of plant foods. We shall cease to breed pigs and other animals for food, thereby ceasing to be responsible for the horror of slaughterhouses where millions of creatures cry in agony and in vain because of man's selfishness. If such concentration camps for slaughtering continue, can peace ever come to earth? Peace cannot come where peace is not given.”

By 1985, James realized that there was a desperate need for vegan alternatives to commercial pet food which all derived from slaughterhouse products.

“make the world a better place for having walked on it”

Co-founder Lalita Lynn Karst
(with Veggie or rollover for Shanti)

Lynn and James initially did their lengthy research in the library halls of Oregon State University at Corvallis, Oregon, which was home to a School of Veterinary Medicine. Leads from research papers resulted in contact with experts who pointed us in promising directions. The story of that research is described in several editions of books. Vegetarian Cats & Dogs (available as a download or as a CD-ROM) is still available.

With the birth of Vegecat™ in 1986 it was possible for cats to “go vegetarian.” Many spiritual aspirants, for the first time, adopted cats knowing that their integrity wouldn't be compromised.

Lynn left some years ago to pursue music, gifted with an angelic voice. Now Kathi processes orders and James continues research and development. People can feed their companion animals as they feed themselves, without animal products. Vegepet™ products fill the need for many who wish to provide fresh vegan food for the four footed members of their family.

Contact with the current nutritional developments in the field of animal nutrition keep Vegepet™ products modern and healthy for all ages of dogs and cats.

Kathi Peden (with Ozzie)


first "vegecat"

first "vegedog"

Production Manager

Jon Felter
James Peden